Crescent Moon Gold 13 Trail Snowshoe Review

Crescent Moon Gold 13 Snowshoe Review

When the snow flies and you’re cooped up in the house, nothing is more enjoyable than getting out on the snow.  If you are in the market for a new pair of snowshoes the Made in USA Crescent Moon Gold 13 Snowshoe is specifically designed for women and you will love them!  This snowshoe is tapered in the back to make it easy to walk, and has a steep nose to keep the snowshoe from snowplowing into the snow.  No more bow-legged walking!  The best feature of this women’s specific snowshoe is its binding system.  It has a closed toe to keep your foot from creeping forward and banging against the front, as well as an easy to adjust strap that allows you to keep your gloves on when putting on or taking off the snowshoe.

This trail snowshoe is powder coated to make it durable and to keep snow and ice from building up.  It’s unique crampon/cleats keep you dug into the snow – including the toe cleat that helps braking on the steeper downhills.  Support US jobs by purchasing this wonderful snowshoe. The online website carries this and other snowshoes.

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Running Snowshoes: Kahtoola RNR 22 Running Snowshoe Review

Kahtoola RNR Running Snowshoe Review

For running enthusiasts that don’t want winter to slow them down, a running snowshoe might just be the ticket.  Running snowshoes are shorter and lighter weight than normal trail snowshoes.  Kahtoola, a US-Based company manufacturers the RNR 22 running snowshoe.  This snowshoe features a criss-cross front strap and an easy to adjust rear strap, smaller crampons on the bottom to keep the weight down, and an adjustable binding for different shoe widths.

You’ll be able to keep a fairly normal stride since these snowshoes are narrower than most, and offer a tapered tail and a steep nose, which also helps keep the snowshoe from digging into the snow.  Runners find that running on snow with this type of snowshoe provides a great workout- and it’s a bit more intensive than running on pavement.  You can purchase this snowshoe and other winter gear at Ski and Sport


Review of the Casco Nordic Spirit Cross Country Ski Goggles

Casco, a German company, has been manufacturing the Casco Nordic Spirit (Spirit) and Casco Nordic Spirit Competition (Competition) for several years now, and biathletes and nordic skiers have loved this eyewear. This eyewear is perfect for skiing on those windy, snowy days. The Casco eyewear serves as both a ski visor and sunglasses. All three products are designed with a headband that supports a suspended lens, allowing airflow between the face and the lens to minimize fogging. Sunglasses tend to fog up and get snow covered when out skiing and these products overcomes this problem.
The lens is made up of a durable impact resistant material, that is also chemically resistant. This will prevent scratching and damage to the lens using wax remover, klister, or waxes. The material was originally designed for the Apache helicopter windshield, and is also water repellent. During a snow storm, you can wear these goggles and water will bead off the lens improving visibility. The eyewear also swivels up in two positions so it can also be used as a visor if snow is coming down at an angle.
The main difference between the Casco Spirit,  and the the Nordic Competition is the lenses. The Nordic Competition comes with 3 lenses – clear, amber and a photochromatic. The photochromatic lens changes in changing light. The Competition comes with two lenses: clear and photochromic. The Spirit also comes with two lenses: amber and clear. All three products offer anti-reflection mirror lenses. The lenses are optically superior to sunglasses, and provide sharper images because of their lower refractive index. The headband comes in two colors: black and white and are made in two sizes – small/medium, and medium/large. Most heads fit the small/medium.
Nordic skiers and biathletes who use these Casco visors love the lightness of eyewear since they are almost 15 percent lighter than other eyewear. Casco’s unique ability to swivel the lenses upward without having to remove the eyewear from the head is a big hit and skiers love that they do not fog up. The anti-fog technology and the dual lenses also makes this product extremely popular. If you are considering purchasing the Casco visors the online shop carries these products.


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